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Fuller, Thicker, Longer Hair!? | RevivHair Placode Booster Serum

  This 30 day leave-in booster serum package is meant to boost the development of healthy hair follicles, lessen thinning hair, strengthen fibers against breakage, and thicken existing hair strands for fuller-looking and thicker-feeling hair. Both men and women can use this serum and it can also be used to grow/thicken facial hair for men… Continue reading Fuller, Thicker, Longer Hair!? | RevivHair Placode Booster Serum

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Inspirational Tuesday ~ Time-out

Let’s be serious. How often do you take time out JUST for yourself? YOU, alone, by yourself with your thoughts, a place with tranquillity that helps you clear your mind and soul. Whether you are in the comforts of your own home, out for a run, soaking up the sun, or sitting at the park or your very… Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday ~ Time-out

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Weekend Getaway! Lake Tahoe

  Since moving to California only two months back and while I’m still under the process of settling down and unwinding, I still want to make it a point to explore all the wonderful places that surrounds this beautiful state. Two weeks back we went on a little stay-cation to Lake Tahoe, which was most… Continue reading Weekend Getaway! Lake Tahoe

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Evian Facial Spray | The perfect go-to spray for all occasions!

From the outskirts this product may just look like water in a bottle BUT it certainly is more than that! With the pH balance of 7.2, Evian Facial Spray is a natural skincare from the French Alps that is very beneficial for any skin type at any age. Propelled under high pressure by nitrogen (80%… Continue reading Evian Facial Spray | The perfect go-to spray for all occasions!

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On-The-Go Glow Travel Sets | HydroPeptide

  How many of you struggle with sticking to a skincare regime when on travel or even on a regular bases? With so many brands to choose from, the process of figuring out a routine and picking various products can be quite overwhelming. Well, not anymore! On-the- go Glow Travel Sets by HydroPeptide is targeted… Continue reading On-The-Go Glow Travel Sets | HydroPeptide