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Mineral Wet and Dry Powder Foundation

Hello everyone! Hope this post finds you all doing well! When I received the ‘Mineral Wet and Dry Powder Foundation’ from Studio Gear Cosmetics I was very excited because this is my second time using their product. I have previously tried their True Whipped Stain Lip Gloss which I love and still use! So, let’s… Continue reading Mineral Wet and Dry Powder Foundation

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First Aid Beauty | Eye Duty Triple Remedy

  About 9 months ago I had noticed some dark circles under my eye. Now, I say eye because it was literally just under my right eye (weird, I know.) Prior to that I had never had any dark circles as such so I was a bit apprehensive and decided to take control and do… Continue reading First Aid Beauty | Eye Duty Triple Remedy

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Inspirational Tuesday ~ Fly

  Ok, how many of you out there desire or dream to do things in life but are just too scared or skeptical about how things may turn out. I know I have plenty of those, BUT not anymore. I am willing to say YES to more things and step out of my comfort zone. No… Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday ~ Fly


Easy & Healthy Summer Snacks!

On these long summer days, I am all about snacking and munching between meals and let’s face it, it can get a bit unhealthy if we are constrained or not sure what to eat. It is far too easy to pull off all the junk food from our fridge or pantry instead of choosing healthier… Continue reading Easy & Healthy Summer Snacks!

Inspirational Tuesday · Life

Inspirational Tuesday ~ Reflection

  The way people treat you is a statement about how they are not how you are. Haters and bullies are actually people that you should feel sorry for; it is so easy to shut down and hide under the covers, feel guilty when someone latches out at you or makes you feel lesser than… Continue reading Inspirational Tuesday ~ Reflection

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FARMACY’S Perennial Picks Skincare Kit

FARMACY Beauty’s new Perennial Picks Discovery Kit encompasses the brand’s line of farm, fresh skincare. The items included in the Perennial Picks Kit are all powered by Echinacea GreenEnvy, a potent natural antioxidant which helps protect and firm the skin by inhibiting the enzymes that break down collagen and also normalizes the skin pigmentation process… Continue reading FARMACY’S Perennial Picks Skincare Kit